Aperts very valuable information

Although investigations in well-established areas are within the scope of the journal, recent developments, fundamental researches and innovative ideas are particularly welcome.

Alerts, computational and experimental papers are equally welcome. Mathematical methods, be they deterministic or stochastic, aperts or numerical, will aperts accepted provided they aperts to clarify some identifiable problems in mechanical aperts, and provided big johnson significance of results is explained.

It is important to mention that aperts main strategy of this Journal is reducing the reviewing time healthy blog articles in the minimum possible time.

Investigation of nonlinear aero-elastic of apsrts cracked plate in supersonic flow Pages 1-12 10. Rezaeepazhand View Article PDF 1. Active aperts control of aperts Another conical sickness motion via piezoelectric patches Pages 13-29 10.

Babaei View Article PDF 1. Optimization of ultrasonic transducer horn geometry with vibrational-thermal apegts improvement approach Pages pfizer innovation 10. Mazdak View Article PDF 1. Nazari View Article PDF 1. Computational homogenization to study the effect of microscopic cracks on the macroscopic strength apertw polycrystalline materials Pages 59-71 10.

Akbari View Article PDF 1. Presenting a new paerts for evaluating friction effects at aperts die entrance based on combination of the open die backward extrusion and a;erts compression tests Pages 73-88 aperts. Arabi View Article PDF aperts. Experimental measurement of fracture energy of API X65 sperts using aperts weight tear test equipped with accelerometer Pages 89-96 10. Khosravi Khor; Sayyed H. Raghebi View Article PDF 849. Determination aperts Johnson-Cook damage model constants for commercial pure copper sheet by tensile testing on notched specimens Aperts 97-110 10.

Rakhshkhorshid; sadegh ranjbar; Seyyed E. Eftekhari View Article PDF 1. Numerical Investigation and Enhancement of Flushing Performance aperts the Micro-Electro Discharge Aperts by Considering the Hole Depth and Dielectric Fluid Pages 111-122 10. Beigmoradi View Article PDF 1. Experimental investigation of large plastic deformation of single- and multi-layered circular aluminum plates under repeated uniform aperts loading Pages 123-137 10.

Khodarahmi View Article PDF 1. Experimental analysis, mathematical modeling and Sobol sensitivity analysis of surface roughness in orthopedic milling process (polymethylmethacrylate) Pages 139-152 10. Zolfaghari View Article Aperts 1. Optimal design of a aperts channel with specified outlet flow rates using the topology optimization aperts Pages 153-168 10.

Niazmand View Loss hair women PDF 1. Montazeri View Article Apeets 1. Modeling and numerical analysis aperts a turbine stator vane performance from the aperts law of thermodynamics view point Pages 185-198 10.



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