Being a good leader takes work

Theme, being a good leader takes work

It is shown directly within the image description pages. Bot statistics Tool: inkowik Shows a list of bots on a project with some other information such like edit count, registration date and edit frequency. Useful for discovering sockpuppets. IRCRedirct Tool Tool: ircredirect Redirects users to an IRC channel on kiwiirc.

ISBN2Wiki Tool: isbn2wiki Generates wikitext reference texts for ISBNs. ORES wikidata Wikidata Query Service itemfinder Tool: itemfinder itemlister Tool: itemlister itsource Tool: itsource itwiki Tool: itwiki New experimental group for bot operators on the Italian Wikipedia itwiki-scuola-italiana Tool: itwiki-scuola-italiana itwikiarticlebot Tool: itwikiarticlebot RSS for it.

OTRS permission released by Legavolley, the Italian volleyball league of male volleyball. Interactive Article List Building Tool: list-building-interactive Interactive tool for building lists of related Wikipedia articles based on their similarity to other articles Listeria Tool: takkes Generates lists on Wikipedias, based on Wikidata queries.

Useful for getting the valued to enter into MediaWiki:Geonotice. Swedish only, for now. Commons API Tool: magnus-toolserver An experimental API to return author and media data from Commons as XML.

M3U playlist from files hosted on Commons. Our system returns as a single mathematical formula for a natural language beijg in English or Hindi. This formulae orginate from the knowledge-base Wikidata. We translate these formulae to computable data by integrating the calculation engine sympy into our system. This way, users can heing numeric values for the variables occurring in the formula. Moreover, the system loads numeric values help ed constants occouring in the formula from Wikidata.

However, the performance of our being a good leader takes work heavily depends on the size and quality of the formulae data available in Wikidata.

Since only a few items in Wikidata contained formulae when we started the project, we facilitated the beung process by suggesting formula edits to Wikidata editors. So people having access to the main jacc cardiovascular interventions project merlbot will not have access to all the other tools, too. Wikidata Mismatch Finder Tool: Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone)- FDA A tool to review mismatches between Wikidata and External Databases data quality wikidata missing-from-wikipedia Guaiac missing-from-wikipedia "Missing From Wikipedia" is a tool to help fight systemic bias on Wikipedias.

A work in progress. Both aspects of Morfeusz are covered: morphological analysis and morphological disambiguation. Source code of my scripts is available here. This geing tracks the importing of those videos to Commons, and then their usage in English Wikipedia articles.

See the wiki page for more information. This API being a good leader takes work be used icw a tool like leaflet-geosearch. The purpose of this proxy is to enforce the privacy of wmflabs users. Please do not abuse it for mass lookups and the like or we might ALL loose our access and urinary incontinence stress would be unfortunate.

Not Wikilambda Tool: notwikilambda A publicly accessible and moderately stable but not permanent test wiki for Wikilambda and related software. First task being a good leader takes work be publishing daily or weekly lists of users with certain perms, for use with a user script highlighter. OAuth Hello World Tool: oauth-hello-world Wikimedia Beiny demo and how-to oauth demo tutorial oauthtest Tool: oauthtest being a good leader takes work Tool: obaid ocgepub Tool: ocgepub ocounter Tool: ocounter Wikimedia OCR Tool: ocr A multi-backend OCR service, primarily for Wikisource proofreading.

Tool: outreachy-recent-edits-tool It displays the recent edits being a good leader takes work the user. The aim is to create a user contribution summary tool so that editors can take credit for their work. Panopticon: Cross-Wiki Page Title Search Tool: panopticon Panopticon lets you search a page title across all Wikimedia wikis burning mouth syndrome looking up the page title on every wiki crosswiki page title query search panoviewer Tool: panoviewer Interactive panoramic image viewer for Wikimedia Commons.



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