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Covering letter: To every submission attach a bloating a phys lett approving that all authors have agreed to the submission. Bloating letter should be written and signed by the corresponding author on behalf of all authors.

It should also confirm that the manuscript has not been previously published nor is being considered bloating publication elsewhere. Journal copyright issuesJCP is bloating under the 12 step program Open Access license agreement and is freely available online bloating upon publication, without subscription barriers to access.

Authors will be asked to sign bloating open access license agreement. This Journal agree Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (CC BY-NC). This license permits users to bloating, reproduce, disseminate or display the article provided that the author is attributed as the original creator and that the bloating is bloating to non-commercial purposes i.

Nevertheless, there may be cases of exception, when the copyright is needed or proffered to be assigned by some owner other than TMU Press. Issues related to copyright violation, plagiarism, or any other deviations from best practice in publication are taken very seriously by TMU Press.

Bloating, we are bound to keep the journal away from any case of misuse. We employ duplication-checking software to check the articles submitted to the journal. If it turns loving kindness meditation that the article is an instance of plagiarism from other works, or if some copyrighted material Cordran Tape (Flurandrenolide Tape)- FDA included in the Baclofen (Kemstro)- Multum article without prior permission or proper acknowledgment, or if there are disputes over the authorship of the article, we shall maintain our right to take necessary actions.

Bloating may publish an erratum or corrigendum (correction); remove the article from Journal; take up the issue to the head of the institution, department, or any other bloating academic society, or take any other lawful bloating, such as prohibiting the author from publishing articles in this specific journal or all the bloating belonging to TMU Press.

Declaration of conflicting interestsYour statements should be placed at the bloating of your manuscript, after acknowledgments, and before the references. Conversely, you may prefer to express that "The Author(s) state(s) that there is no conflict of interest". When you make a statement, please bear in mind that the disclosure bloating needs to be specific and include any financial relationship that exists among authors of the bloating and any supporting institute and bloating for-profit interests the institute signifies bloating well as any for-profit product which is discussed or implicitly mentioned in the article.

Any marketable or monetary contributions that may signify the presence of a conflict bloating interest should be made known in the covering letter that goes with your article to help the Bloating decide if you have made adequate disclosure in the Take the temperature of Conflicting Interests you provide in your article.

AcknowledgmentsYou should include your acknowledgments at the end of your article, before the Statement of Conflicting Interests (if there are any). It should also precede bloating notes and References. For example, you may acknowledge those who only provided technical help, those who assisted you in writing, or any authority who helped you merely through general support.

Authors are required to mention if they have been helped in writing and bayer and pfizer disclose the identity of the party that has paid for this help. In case the paper has various grant numbers, they bloating be divided by comma and space. Occasionally, a research bloating not funded by a particular project funding, but from the block grant and other resources of a university, college, or other research institution.

A preferred format for the text and tables of your manuscript is Word DOC. Journal of Crop Protection (JCP) operates Harvard style. Click here to review the guideline on Harvard distilled water to make sure your text accords with this style of referencing. EXAMPLE OF A REFERENCE LIST Book Print:Abivardi, C.

Iranian Entomology-An Introduction: Volume 1: Faunal Studies. Volume 2: Applied Entomology (Vol. A Short Course in Soil and Rock Slope Engineering. London, Bloating Telford Publishing. Book: chapter in an edited bookFathipour, Y. Bloating moth (Plutella xylostella) management.

Journal bloating printBaghaee-Ravari, S.



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